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From as far back as 3,000 B.C., date palms were cultivated for their sweet, delicious fruit. History records that the finest dates in the world were produced in the ancient Mediterranean kingdom of Judea. The Greeks and Romans referred to this region as the “Land of the Date”. Emperors no less than Augustus and Pompeii extolled the virtues of Judean dates. Mark Anthony gifted Judean date plantations to Cleopatra as a symbol of his love and affection.

Ancient Judean Coin

(Circa 135 CE)

Judean dates were processed into a dark, rich syrup called date honey. It was date honey - not bee honey - that was the real honey of the legendary “land flowing with milk and honey”. In ancient times, milk and date honey was revered as a divine elixir of love, blessing, and prosperity.

Milk & Honey brings this original, authentic, milk and honey back to life. Made with premium neutral grain spirits, Upstate New York Dairy Cream, and medjool date honey, sourced from a small date palm farm near the historic Sea of Galilee. Milk & Honey is all natural, smooth, and incredibly delicious. If you ever wondered what the real milk and honey tastes like - this is it!

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