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My name is Justin, and I am the creator of Milk & Honey. My great-grandfather was Papa “Mo” Simms, a New England bootlegger who made a name for himself during Prohibition. In those days, Papa’s crew picked up the “juice” from Cape Cod and sold product to local speakeasies in South Boston.


It was risky business. People went to jail, and things sometimes got violent. Papa was once kidnapped by another gang and escaped. In 1933, Prohibition ended, and Papa’s operation went legit. The original liquor license - dated one day after Prohibition ended - still hangs on the company wall.

Milk & Honey Papa

Papa "Mo" Simms

Milk & Honey Jerusalem

My father worked in the family business, and I grew up surrounded by spirits and liqueurs. I remember the smell of the warehouse, the big guys moving cases on hand carts, the forklifts and the trucks. It was a magical place.

My dad inspired me to become a spiritual person. My personal journey led me to Jerusalem. Jerusalem blew my mind- the energy, the people, the history. I began studying and learning, exploring ancient tomes written in ancient languages, some, thousands of years old.

One day, I discovered a very, very old manuscript. It told the fascinating true story of the “land flowing with milk and honey.” It explained that the real honey of 3000 years ago was not bee honey. It was date honey - de’vash tamarim in Hebrew - a rich, dark syrup made from dates of the Judean palm.

Milk & Honey Bible
Milk & Honey Dates

Very curious, I found a source of date honey - a small plantation on the shores of the historic Sea of Galilee. This beautiful, Rift Valley plantation grows some of the world’s choicest dates, and their authentic, hand-crafted date honey is a unique and special blend of Medjool and Nour varietals. Its the finest date honey in the world.


I mixed the date honey with fresh, cold milk, and drank. . . .


Wow! . . .  Amazing! . . . Incredible! . . . 

I had discovered The Divine Original, Recipe From Heaven.

We use only the finest and freshest ingredients - locally produced Upstate New York light cream, premium neutral grain spirits,  and hand-crafted medjool date honey straight from the Sea of Galilee. 


Milk & Honey is more than a great tasting spirit. It is love and blessing in a bottle. Milk & Honey is a celebration of the good things that make life wonderful. 

Thank you for drinking Milk & Honey. Enjoy!

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