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Add Milk & Honey To Your Event!

  • What is Milk & Honey?

Milk & Honey is the world's first date honey cream liqueur. Its all natural, and has 30% lesss sugar than other brands. Enjoy it on ice, mixed with spirits, stirred in coffee. If you ever wonder what the REAL milk and honey tastes like, this is it!

  • How does it work?

AT NO COST TO YOU, we get the Milk & Honey flowing at your event. Typically, we provide a server, Milk & Honey, and spirits for sampling delicious drinks. We work with you and your venue to make sure things happen without a hitch!

  • Why Milk & Honey?

People just love Milk & Honey. It presents more like a wine than a spirit (only 12.5% abv), so it’s perfect to serve at cause oriented events. Your guests will love tasting Milk & Honey and trying one of our fantastic mixes. A fun, memorable experience!

Recent Events (References Available)

  • Ft. Atkinson Boys & Girls Club @ Kutz Dairy

  • St Francis Children's Center @ Holiday Inn, Riverfront

  • UEDA Carnival @ Renaissance Place

  • Broadscope Disability Services @ Italian Community Center

  • JCC KidShare @ Pfister Hotel

Enjoy With People You Love!

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